Saturday, 19 December 2015

Mitzi's pups are now a week old and have doubled their weight.  There is plenty of milk at the Milk Bar and they look like three fat little dumplings !  Mitzi is recovering well from the C-section and is due to have her stitches removed on Wednesday.  She is a doting mum and is looking after the pups very well.  She has begun to leave the whelping pen for short periods but stays close by to keep an eye on things. She returns a short while after to check they are okay and lies down with them again. Only another week until the pups eyes open and they start to get vision, They will then be entering the "Transitional Phase" until their ears open at around 3 weeks and they start to get their hearing. That's when they start to move about more and the real fun will begin.
Milk Bar Open

Three Little Dumplings

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